Salzburg Caricature Competition 2015

eurocature 2015

Salzburg Caricature Competition 2016

eurocature 2016


Second Salzburg Caricature Competition 2016

Times flies… and we can’t wait to see the next caricature talents!

Sharpen your pens, pull out our feathers: We are searching for the best next generation caricaturists!

You have an idea, an opinion or commentary and you wish to put it on paper?

A caricature offers you the possibility to express yourself in a very compact manner. Hence the caricature is the epitome freedom of art, opinion and press.


Award Ceremony: First Salzburg Caricature Competition 2015

The Austrian Caricature Association proudly presents the flyer of the First Salzburg Caricature Competition. We are glad to have two great and competent partners: The Odeïon Salzburg and the  MARK Salzburg. 

We are looking forward to seeing you on October 31st. There is free entry. Registration is obligatory: