Salzburg Caricature Competition 2016

The caricature battle begins…

Watch out for the second Salzburg Caricature Contest, there are many prizes to be won:

Prize money: Winner €1000  |  2. place €500  |  3. place €250 | & Special student Prize „AK-Schülerpreis“ with €500

Other Prizes: drawing sets and more…

Theme: all submissions must pertain to the theme “(un)fair (In)justice

Submissions: ONE caricature (each participant can sent only 1 caricature!) and must include the filled out entry form (as pdf or jpeg + minimum 300 dpi) and the title of the caricature and be sent to us only via e-mail to until July 31. 2016

Jury: Thomas Wizany, Gerhard Haderer, Prof. Sybille Moser-Ernst and Gerald Koller

Awards Ceremony: Odeïon Salzburg, Waldorfstraße 13, A-5023 Salzburg (probably on friday, september 30. 2016, 18:00 h)

This will be followed by a traveling exhibition. To participate in the exhibition please apply separately in august 2016.

The contests rules and conditions as well as the theme must be observed and may be found at

Please understand that for legal reasons the rules and conditions and the entry form are in the German language only.

Please send questions to

entry form

©2016 Idea and realisation by ÖKAV in cooperation with Arbeiterkammer Salzburg, Odeïon Salzburg, Rahmen Ficker, Ivo Haas Künstlerbedarf, Eurocature, Karikaturmuseum Krems